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Image via Instagram

The rise and fall of Scott Storch has been well documented. In the 2000s, the producer worked with superstars like Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Nelly, 50 Cent, and Fat Joe. By 2015, he was bankrupt and had reportedly burned through over $70 million on drugs, a notorious yacht, and a ridiculously lavish lifestyle.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, two investors decided to give Storch a shot at a comeback. Brad Cohen and Seth Cohen say that they saw Storch “was once again ready to prove himself as a worthy record producer and use his deep connections in the music industry to make money for the three of them.” They allegedly made a deal with him and invested over $1 million, giving Storch a weekly salary, a Rolls-Royce, and a rental house in Florida.

Part of the agreement, according to the Cohens, was that they’d take away the Rolls-Royce if Storch started using drugs again. According to a new lawsuit, the Cohens discovered in mid-December that Storch was using drugs again.

“In mid-December 2015, B. Cohen and S. Cohen discovered that Storch was again using drugs and demanded return of the vehicle,” the complaint states. “The vehicle is in S. Cohen’s name and S. Cohen did not want it to become an insurance liability. Upon information and belief, the demand that Storch return the vehicle partially led to B. Cohen and S. Cohen falling out of grace with Storch.”

The Cohens now believe that they are not able to collect the money agreed upon in their agreement, and that Storch is failing to provide the services he promised.

Storch’s lawyer Richard Wolfe claims that the entire agreement is bogus. “The lawsuit attaches documents that are forged,” he tells The Hollywood Reporter. “The lawsuit was filed in violation of federal law and we will be seeking a federal contempt order against the plaintiffs and their lawyers. The lawsuit is not serious and the only reason it was filed is to garnish publicity for the plaintiffs. Accordingly, it will be treated as nonsense.”

According to his Instagram, Storch has been doing some work. 10 weeks ago he posted this picture with Kanye West with a caption that read, “Doing big things.”

With the #legend #Yeezus Doing big things #KanyeWest

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