Trigger warning: if you’ve ever been attacked by a horde of cats, this Meow The Jewels video will do you no favors. It is hellish in the best of ways, a nightmare fashioned by Cyriak, the director/animator who delights in bodily mutation. It’s the latest in a string of cat-themed videos for the cat-themed album, and yet another wildly creative chapter for the crowd-funded venture.

These songs and videos have seen RTJ (and their video’s directors) reach new levels of creative insanity—I guess that’s what happens when you’re funded by your fans—and this may be the wildest one yet.

The camera follows a teeming ball of fur and fangs with no beginning or end—cats multiply like split atoms and grow necks like giraffes, eventually taking to the sky in kaleidoscopic, god-like fashion. It’s beautiful and horrifying all at once, but enough words. Just watch.

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