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Image via PR

When a relationship starts to fall apart, it can feel like complete chaos has erupted. You’re trying to desperately hold pieces together of a puzzle that may have never meant to fit, and that alone can be maddening. This spiral, while relatable for most, isn’t an easy event to articulate. Yet on their new single “It’s Not Me,” Bedlham have done just this, and in an impressively relaxed way.

The UK duo, which is made up of a producer and songwriter, weave this tale over stark, minimal production that teeters between R&B and pop. Says the duo of the song:

“We wanted to capture that feeling when you try and run away from that small voice in your head that tells you something is wrong in a relationship and you know it is the truth.”

Listen to “It’s Not Me” below, and be on the look for more from Bedlam this year.

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