Whenever popular styles emerge, there are always artists who latch on and try to recreate it, sounding like half-baked imitations of other artists. Then there are the artists who take that style, push it to its limit, and create something fresh.

NYC duo StressGods are using Auto-Tune and addictive, wandering melodies on the Key Wane-produced “December Stress,” but they don’t sound like Future, Travi$ Scott, or Young Thug. It’s like a more raw, less pop-friendly version of what could be a T-Pain song, except filled with pain, escapism, and (of course) stress.

“December is a very special time of year for stress,” Stress Gods explain. “‘December Stress’ is a painting of the glamorous life, the models, the drugs, the love, and the depression that all the finer things bring. Champagne for the pain—celebrating the suffer.”

Watch StressGods’ latest video for “That’s That” below: