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Image via Nardwuar's Instagram

Image via Nardwuar’s Instagram

UPDATE 12/12/15/, 12:55PM: The Human Serviette is doing okay and updated his status via Twitter saying he has been discharged from the hospital’s stroke unit.

Nardwuar Stroke

This past weekend entertainment personality and interviewer extraordinaire Nardwuar suffered a stroke. The news was posted on Nardwuar’s twitter and Instagram, which simply stated, “Saturday night @Nardwuar suffered a stroke @ Mint Party. He is recovering @ VGH More 2 come” alongside the picture, below.

Nardwuar has been a music industry staple since the ’90s. Where most journalists merely ask artists routine questions, Nardwuar researches his subjects with such care, and this extra step is abundantly clear when you see his interviews. When we spoke to him back in 2014, he talked about this passion, stating:

“What I’m asking actually isn’t that obscure, or isn’t that hard to find out. It’s just most people can’t be bothered to do that. Like, who could be bothered to waste an entire week researching Snoop Doggy Dogg? People are like, ‘He’s cool, but I’m not gonna spend an entire week.’ Well, I could spend months. I love doing it.”

Let’s hope he gets back to doing what he loves soon. Prayers to Nardwuar.


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