Let’s get the obvious out of the way: LOLO has a fucking incredible voice. It’s drenched in soul, enabling you to really feel every single word she utters. I mean, she could be singing about living on outer space (a place I’ve clearly never been), and I’d be like, “hell yea LOLO! I know EXACTLY what you mean. Outer space is nuts.”

Her message on her latest single, “Never Gonna Let You Walk Away” is strong, but it becomes even more powerful when you see the visuals for the track. While some shots are a collage of LOLO in various settings, it’s those shots of her singing directly into the camera that can hit you in all the right ways. Says LOLO of the song/video:

“I don’t like to lie. I’m not afraid to show people who I really am. Sometimes we aren’t always the healthiest version of ourselves that we could be. Maybe I shouldn’t have smoked as many cigarettes, had so many beers. But it helped me be who I am now and I can’t change that cause I don’t want to change who I am now. I finally like her. Here is the video for ‘Not Gonna Let You Walk Away.’ A song about being unapologetic. We spend so much time being sorry for things that we probably don’t even need to say sorry for. But we do it anyway. This is one of those times that I had no reason to be sorry and it felt good.”

Watch her video for “Never Gonna Let You Walk Away” above.