Modern technology has become a critical part of the way we consume music, but also in the way we create it. A new example of that is Motus, which is billed as a “spatial wireless instrument” or a “creative motion enhancer,” which means that the instrument’s sounds are controlled by the movement of your body.

Motus, a small handheld device, can emulate the sound of a variety of preexisting instruments, all of which are operated by holding the thing and rhythmically waving it around to achieve the desired effect. As they more eloquently put it, “It tracks your motion, extracts the most important features of it (e.g. velocity, dynamics, displacement) and maps them to different sounds. These could be prerecorded audio material, real-time generated sounds or effects. Connect Motus device to an app in your computer or smartphone and enjoy music you create through headphones or sound system.”

Motus also argues that their device is a great way to explore the underdeveloped field of audio augmented reality: “Open you imagination through virtual sound reality. Recent hype on the visual VR has distracted us from all of the cool things we could do with audio. 3D audio gives us a full range surround experience unlike the visuals. By using Motus you can interact with soundscape in all directions: guide yourself in the ambience and touch the sound. It could become a story or a game while the image comes only from your imagination. Sound can become a key to undiscovered experiences.”

The creators of Motus are currently running a crowdfunding campaign for the device and are nearly halfway towards their goal of $28,000. Find more info about the device at the campaign page, or watch the video above.

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