Image via Lucid Online

Some people are just made for music. Gina Kushka has been performing and singing since the age of five, and bought her first guitar at eleven. The fire hasn’t gone out, not even when she moved from Cape Town to London to attend the Courtauld Institute of Art to study painting.

She’s recently graduated from school and is back to making music—”Bring It Down” follows on the heels of the vibrant “Mid Air.” Both songs were produced by Jay Weathers, whose existing credits include work with Sam Smith and Wiley.

Weathers’ two tracks with Kushka, however, couldn’t be more different. “Mid Air” settles immediately into a bittersweet groove, slowly building momentum until its towering third act. “Bring It Down” is much more cut-and-dry, revealing the South African’s sharper, more aggressive vocal stylings. Kushka can contort her voice like few others in a crowded field, and “Bring It Down” is a tight, punchy piece of songwriting, with unexpected choices (like the second chorus’ sparse instrumentation) that always hit the mark.