Image via BISHOP's Instagram

Image via BISHOP’s Instagram

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There are some songs that take time and a few subsequent plays to grow on you. Then there are songs that just immediately hit you. That’s what BISHOP’s “Wild Horses” manages to do. She wastes no time at the beginning of the track—her sultry vocals (backed by a parade of acoustic guitar chords) emerge within the first second of the song to instantly draw you in. From there, the track plods along until it reaches this unique, trip-hop hook.

“Wild Horses” is the first track from BISHOP’s upcoming debut EP, and before that release we caught up with her to get some background on her music, and what else she has in store for 2015/2016. Listen to her fantastic “Wild Horses” and read our short interview with her below.

Tell us a little about your background – how did you get into making music? Were you always interested in music or did something trigger it?
I’ve always loved anything creative. The trigger was underage trips to Japanese karaoke bars, Scottish parents and venting my teenage angst.

You have roots all over and from very different places…how has that influenced your sound?
Truthfully, growing up in Asia is all I’ve ever known. I think when you live in places like Japan and Hong Kong there’s an electricity that ignites every vein in your being.

“Wild Horses” is in an Acura commercial. What was that like? How did that come about? Does having your song in such a high-profile placement change your relationship with it? Does it affect how you approach the rest of the material your working on?
It’s been crazy. My approach has always been to make cool songs that mean something to me and hopefully others, it’s just a plus when Acura wants to use your record! “Wild Horses” hasn’t changed at all. It’s still the same song that I fell in love with when I first wrote it. I like to keep it moving, stay vulnerable and raw.

What do you have in store for the rest of 2015?
Make music, work on the live show and release a video. Ready for 2016

Anything else you think readers at P&P should know?
Be authentic and the rest will figure itself out.

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