Tiggs Da Author’s “Georgia” is a hit. Like, maybe not a Top 40 hit, but it’s a tune so immediate and uplifting that it’s impossible not to like, and one solid placement in a commercial or movie could put it over the top. Producer Show N Prove’s use of a Bobby Bland sample gives the song a timeless feel, and Tiggs’ energy is absolutely vibrant and infectious. This all comes across beautifully in the colorful new video.

Tiggs is a singer/producer/rapper born in Tanzania and now based in London. He’s currently working on his debut album with Show N Prove, Futurecut (Rihanna, Lily Allen), and Tonino (Ella Eyre).

“I want to be brave and daring in everything I do,” Tiggs says, “while making sure the music, the melodies, the beats are really well executed. “I’m creating a movie with each track, it’s all a slice of my life, an insight into my thoughts and feelings. It might seem straightforward—moving to London from Tanzania, learning to speak English, learning to make music—but the chapters are still being written. My story is only really just beginning.””

Hear “Georgia” and tons of other great new music on the Pigeons & Planes Spotify playlist.