My parents visited me last weekend. During the trip, I started talking about a part of Brooklyn I used to go to a lot when I lived in NYC and I made the mistake of using the word “hipster” in my description. I say mistake now in retrospect because it took my parents (my father in particular) a really long time to wrap their head around what “hipsters” are and why they’re called that. “But do they wear something on their hip?” my father asked, at least four times. It was a difficult conversation for all.

Not nearly as difficult though, as what happened at a recent NOFX show. This past Monday the band played in Halifax, Nova Scotia as part of the the Fat Wrecked for 25 Years tour and in the middle of banter with the crowd, frontman Fat Mike noticed something about a particular audience member. In the front row was a man with a beard and tie-dye shirt, which the singer felt was “too hipster” for his show and called the dude out for being totally out of place.

“Yeah, you know what? You have no business being here. I will pay you $100 to leave this show.” The man declined all his offers except one: when Fat Mike said he’d pay him $20 for the shirt right off his back. Bro, as someone who’s poor as hell, take that $100 and leave! Wtf. Regardless, watch the whole ridiculous interaction above, thanks to Consequence of Sound.

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