Photo by Sean Stout

Photo by Sean Stout

It’s crazy to think that it’s been almost a full year since our first No Ceilings show. While we were planning that first event, iLoveMakonnen dropped out at the last minute (he had a good excuse; he was asked to perform with Drake), and we were realizing how difficult this was going to be. We had no experience putting on shows, no budget, and no idea what we were doing. We just knew that if we could get a handful of our favorite rising artists on a stage in New York City, it could be something special.

Five shows later, and there are still last-minute changes, scheduling conflicts, and behind-the-scenes panic attacks. Every month, there is at least one moment when I think that maybe this isn’t worth it. Somehow, things always work out (big shoutout to Move Forward Music for always making sure of that), and every time a No Ceilings happens, we’re reminded that yes, this is absolutely worth it. Without fail, the artists are electric, the crowd is amazing, and there is a spirit of community that you don’t experience very often at concerts these days.

When we started these shows, we didn’t know what we wanted No Ceilings to look like, but we knew what we wanted it to feel like, and I’m proud to say that we’ve accomplished that. What we wanted from No Ceilings is what we felt last night.

To Allan Kingdom, London O’Connor, Kevin Abstract, and Well$: thank you for being part of No Ceilings. To fellow pigeon enthusiasts Staple: thank you for partnering with us and helping to make these things happen. Last night was special.

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