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Scottish trio CHVRCHES spoke about their relationship with the media in a new interview with The Guardian, describing how their decision to market themselves as a band rather than as Lauren Mayberry (the frontwoman) & co. has impacted their sales and reach.

“We could have sold 200,000 more albums if we’d hidden Iain and I from view and put Lauren on the cover of every magazine,” Martin Doherty told the site. “But there’s 100 of those acts and that stuff goes away. We ended up doing it in an indie band style. We broke through via word of mouth. It was about doing it in an honest, right way.”

Mayberry agreed, saying that maintaining their status as a band was important to her creatively. “I don’t want to be the front for somebody else’s creativity and sell that day in, day out,” she said.

“We wanted to establish [CHVRCHES] as a band first and foremost, and have that base,” she added. “Then you can move on from that. We’ve done a couple of women’s mags but we tend to talk about feminism and women in the industry, which I feel more comfortable talking about. It’s a more valuable discussion than, ‘Oh, you’re a girl in a band, what hair conditioner do you use?’ I use hair conditioner, and I like talking about it. But I don’t want that to be the question.”

Read the full interview at The Guardian.

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