With the success of artists like Adele and Sam Smith, we’ve seen that vocalists with technical chops have potential for huge success, even in a modern soundscape that sometimes favors studio tricks and a style-over-skill attitude.

Swedish singer Seinabo Sey is in the perfect position to be one of the next big breakthrough acts. She’s got the vocal skills—just see her live if you’re not convinced by her records—and her music falls into that sweet spot between traditional soul and contemporary pop. There’s a modern edge to it, but it’s so accessible that it’s easy to imagine it ringing out in blockbuster movie soundtracks, college radio stations, and grocery stores.

After a series of strong singles like “Younger” and “Hard Time,” Seinabo teases her debut album (out later this year) with a new single called “Pretend.” It’s not quite a full-blown dance track, but it’s one of the most upbeat songs she’s released yet. The track comes with a new video that premiered on Fader today. Watch it above, and read our interview with Seinabo Sey here.