Late last year, one of the strangest and most promising viral sensations in recent memory, Spooky Black, announced a big turning point. Going from a goofy name that didn't really do justice to the music he's capable of producing to his real name, Corbin, felt like the next logical step in his artistic evolution. After the phenomenal "Worn," his best track to date, anticipation for where he was set to head next skyrocketed.

But, as with pretty much everything he's been up to since gaining popularity on the internet, he's taken a little bit of an unexpected turn. Working once again with his TheStand4rd cohort, and criminally underrated producer, Bobby Raps, Corbin isn't choosing to step entirely into the limelight just yet. In fact, it's Bobby that stands out the most on Couch Potato. Entirely produced by Bobby, the project makes the most of their respective talents, featuring some fantastic lyrics from both artists, as well as some intricate and innovative production.

The opening track of the EP, "Welcome to the Hell Zone," sets the dreary yet airy tone for the entire EP, showcasing just how far they've both come as artists. There's not a lot that can be said that the track doesn't already say for me, but that's where its beauty lies. Behind their tiny sunglasses and bizarre facade, there's a earnest desire to be taken seriously as musicians. Here's hoping people quit sleeping on Bobby's production soon, because if there's anything Couch Potato has demonstrated, it's that he really is becoming one of the most essential producers of the year.

And that video...—Joe Price

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