If you missed out on JuegoTheNinety’s intense Abandoned Mansions album, here’s another chance to get familiar. This is the video for “D’Juego,” the opening track on the project. It was shot in Northeast Baltimore on Northern Parkway.

“It’s got a similar look to my neighborhood where I shot the Abandoned Mansions cover,” Juego explains, “so I utilized the spot for as long as I could before the cops came. The percent signs are the 9BMC symbol (9%BaybMastermindCamp) the 9% represents our camp and our following. We feel like we represent the 9% of the country’s population with outside thinkers, the other 90% being inside the box, and then 1% being the ones that have control over all of this shit and that everyone is striving to be a part of.”

Get Abandoned Mansions here.