Image via Solo Woods' website

Image via Solo Woods’ website

Two years ago, Brooklyn singer Solo Woods uploaded “Long Ways” to his Soundcloud account. For 730 days it existed there, essentially unaccompanied except for one repost only added last month. Which is crazy to think about because this song–the only material Woods has decided to share–is so powerful, you’d assume we would’ve 1) heard it by now or 2) heard more from him. But I guess that all doesn’t really matter in retrospect. What matters is that it did eventually make it’s way to us, and now we get to bask in it’s poignant simplicity.

This is my 1,000th post for Pigeons and Planes. When I noticed that this number was approaching, I turned to twitter for ideas of what to write about for such a milestone. I got some good responses, some LOL responses, and, naturally, some WTF responses. But writing about this song instead, just felt right.

I’ve interviewed artists, written about my favorite musicians, covered shows and festivals, and analyzed tweets from Lil B and 2 Chainz. But being able to share a song that makes me feel something I didn’t think was humanly possible is what music blogging is really all about. Throughout my one thousand posts, including this one, I’ve gotten the chance to do just that. For this, I am grateful.

So here is Solo Woods’ utterly gripping “Long Ways.” Let’s hope it doesn’t take him another two years to release more material, but I do hope I get a thousand more chances to share music like this with y’all.