Love is complicated. No matter what age you are or where you are or how experienced in the subject you happen to be, it’s fucking difficult. I know this, you know this, and Shamir knows this. Which is why he launched a relationship hotline, just to help us try and weed through the murky waters of commitment.

If you dial 1-844-4SHAMIR (or if you’re in the UK, dial 0800-193-3266), you can either leave a message with your problem for the singer to listen to and then call you back with advice, or listen to his new single “Call It Off.” Some topics Shamir will address include, but are not limited to, sidepiece consultation, thirst management, ride or die boyfriends, and thot analytics. So, just about everything important.

Watch Shamir’s funky, retro-esque promo above and let us know if you decide to call in.

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