There was a period in late 2013 when I only listened to Rosie Lowe’sRight Thing.” Just that song on repeat for, I don’t know, at least two weeks. I remember really specific moments–like where I was or what I was thinking about–that the song helped soundtrack during this time in my life. So to say I’m excited to hear new material from the UK singer is an understatement.

Lowe is releasing her debut album later this year, and “Who’s That Girl” is the first taste we have of what to expect. The track stays true to that brooding, sultry, electro-R&B sound she’s created thus far, and comes with an equally sensual visual (which you can watch above.) According to Lowe, the song is about loosing people around you that you thought you could depend on. She states:

“‘Who’s That Girl’ is about not recognising someone any more. It’s always in the times of struggle – when something bad happens – that the biggest lessons are learnt and you realise who your true friends are. Some people step up and some people step down. This song is about a friend that stepped down when I needed her most.”

(Dazed & Confused)