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Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

It’s always interesting to see how hip-hop evolves in other countries. In some corners of the world, hip-hop still sounds behind the times, and the major influence comes from decades of the past. But in most places, the internet—as it tends to do—has changed things. Now kids from all over the world are catching on to the latest international trends and sounding like the future instead of the past.

We just found out about this guy LGoony from Germany, who sounds like the German version of Yung Lean. That’s not to say that it’s a pointless rip-off either—LGoony’s execution is solid. His melodies and hooks are catchy, the production is on point, and even the aesthetic sensibility should sit well with Yung Lean fans. Check out a couple tracks, and if you need us we’ll be on Google Translate.

Download LGoony’s Space Tape Vol. 1 Goonyverse mixtape here.

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