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Image via Bandcamp

Image via Bandcamp

Our submissions inbox is insane. I know a lot of blogs say that, but it’s true. As of this post, we have over 21,000 emails we haven’t gotten to. We’ve tried a bunch of different stuff to handle our inbox better, but it’s hard. We’re not some blog that glances over our submissions. We honestly try to take time to listen to as many as we possibly can, because at the end of the day our pigeons are just as important as our planes.

Clark Sage hit me up on twitter with a question we get a lot, “How do I get on P&P?” I told him to send us an email. He replied almost instantly with this:


I got his frustration. The last thing we want is for you to feel like we don’t care about something you care so much about. So when Sage’s email landed in my inbox last night, I listened to “Let You Know.” Then I listened again this morning, and again this afternoon. Between his sing-songy chorus, smooth flow, and honest lyrics, the song hooked me. Sure, it’s not meticulously produced but there’s something real about it. His other work (which you can listen to here) shows off how wide his range is. Some tracks find Sage spitting over energetic percussion, while others mimic the laidback feel he obtained on “Let You Know.”

Sage is getting ready to drop more material this summer, but for now get familiar by streaming a few tracks below.

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