Image via SoundCloud

Image via SoundCloud

What the fuck is going on over at

At first, we heard three Jaden Smith songs uploaded to the website and figured it was a Jaden Smith solo project, but it’s becoming clear that it’s more than that. The project, called This Is The Album, features music from Jaden Smith, Daniel D’artiste, Willow Smith, dylAn, and ¿Téo (so far), and it’s a MSFTSrep crew release, not the work of any single artist.

The three new tracks feature Willow Smith and dylAn, and they’re uploaded to the same This Is The Album playlist as Jaden’s last releases. Following the sporadic release strategy of this MSFTSrep crew isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. This emerging crew is proving that they’re more than just Jaden and Willow, and they’re on a roll. This Is The Album is shaping up to be a cohesive intro to what MSFTSrep is all about, and while there may be a lot going on, these kids are all riding the same wave.

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