On Kurt Cobain’s birthday, February 20, we’ll be dropping an album of Nirvana covers. It’s called Teenage Angst Has Paid Off Well. Earlier this month, we shared one song off the project—JMSN’s cover of “Rape Me”—and today we’ve got a second. This is from Arkansas newcomer Jeh-sea Wells.

Based on Jeh-sea’s previous work, the raw and emotional “Xmas ’97” and “Summer,” we knew he’d be a good fit for a Nirvana cover. We had no idea how good until we pressed play. Kurt had a desperation in his voice that can’t be faked. It ached with a sense of fragility, even during the harshest screams. Jeh-sea Wells has a similar quality, like at any point he could break, but he never does. In today’s soundscape of Auto-Tuned pop stars and polished vocalists, Jeh-sea Wells is a rare and exciting new talent.

Listen to Jeh-sea’s cover of “Heart Shaped Box” below, and stay tuned for Teenage Angst Has Paid Off Well, coming February 20. The project will also feature Nirvana covers by Kevin Abstract, Kwamie Liv, Sunny & Gabe, ZelooperZ, Little Daylight, and more.

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