What is this kid Jaden Smith doing? First he releases an EP called “This Is the Album,” and now he’s released a three-track collaboration with Ta-ku as one continuous track. Doesn’t he know the rules?

But what’s in a label? Not much, when you’re making music like this. Instrumentally, “Beast Mode” shows shades of Dilla and a more classic hip-hop vibe. Ta-ku provides the beats as only he can—complex, layered, and immaculate. Harps, flutes, and pianos vibe throughout. It is, above all else, incredibly smooth.

Jaden is up to the task. These are some of his most intense raps yet, verging into emotionally distraught yelp-rhymes at the end of the first song. He also goes a cappella, shares his shoe size, and puts together another impressive project just a week after his last release. Learn more about Jaden Smith and his MSFTSrep crew here.

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