B O S C O moved to New York last year, dropped her first name for the stage and started bending genres. “CAM4U” is the start of that new chapter.

The song, produced by Sene from duo group denitia and sene, “is about giving yourself to someone and only they had you in that way,” B O S C O says. The Savannah, Georgia-born songwriter was the creative direction for her “CAM4U” video, pulling together the team and elements on a shoestring budget.

“The black and white sections of the video were inspired by Missy Elliot (Can’t Stand The Rain) and Michael Jackson (Scream). The other scene was inspired by Hype Williams (Belly). Beings that I am a 90s baby, I’m heavily influenced by this era- especially the shiny suit Puff Daddy and Mase vibe. Hype Williams was one of my favorite video directors and his signature angles that he was known for I aimed to capture that aesthetic.”

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