Rage Against the Machine MC/lead singer Zack De La Rocha’s appearance on Run The Jewels‘ new album, RTJ2, has earned rave reviews. Apparently, De La Rocha, who recently joined the duo for a live performance of their collaboration “Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck),” didn’t need too much practice to deliver one of the year’s most acclaimed guest spots.

“I bumped into Zack on the way to the studio while getting a juice,” El-P says in an interview with NME. “Two days later he was in the studio with us recording. It was one take. No bullshit.” Run The Jewels, somewhat like Rage, fuse genres, something that Killer Mike is proud of. “In an age where people emulate the fashionable style, we take pride in being style benders,” he says in the same interview. Check out the gallery for images of the collaboration in progress from El-P’s Instagram page and listen to the song below.