Glyn Johns, who produced and engineered on some of the most critically lauded albums of all time by The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and The Who, among others, reveals some interesting stories in his new book Sound Man. One of Johns’ most compelling anecdotes details how Bob Dylan once told him he’d want to do an album with The Beatles and the Stones. However, Johns reveals that not everyone was thrilled about the potential project.

“Keith [Richards] and George [Harrison] thought it was fantastic,” he says in his book. “But they would since they were both huge Dylan fans. Ringo [Starr], Charlie [Watts] and Bill [Wyman] were amicable to the idea as long as everyone else was interested. John [Lennon] didn’t say a flat no, but he wasn’t that interested. Paul [McCartney] and Mick [Jagger] both said absolutely not.”

This exchange likely took place in 1969, according to Rolling Stone. Now, while the album didn’t come to fruition, Johns says he knew exactly how it would have worked and that he would’ve given anything to make it happen. Other anecdotes from his work on iconic albums can be found in Johns’ Sound Man, which is scheduled to be released November 13.


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