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By the time we’d found out about Wonder Wonder, they already had a song with over 100,000 plays. They’ve got less than 1,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook combined—and only two songs to their name—but Wonder Wonder is already catching on.

The music they’ve released so far is a confident blend of minimal, mellow pop production, male-female vocal harmonizing, and gorgeous, immediate songwriting that explains why these songs are catching on so quickly. They’re in no rush, though. They’ve already started building buzz, but they’ve had a plan since the beginning: one song a month, for 12 months. Based off the reaction from the first two, Wonder Wonder is set to be a name you’ll know by this time next year.

They aren’t ready to get personal yet, but they were happy to answer a few questions about the music.

Your first song “Body Gold” got over 100,000 plays in a month. How did that happen? How did you promote the song?
To be honest, we’re still not entirely sure how it happened. We emailed the track to a few of our favorite blogs that we follow and respect, and amazingly most of them responded with supportive posts within a couple of days of release. We are quite frankly overwhelmed and energized by the natural and organic way “Body Gold” and our project has spread so far.

Do you have experience in music with past projects? The sound and presentation seems very professional.
We have both always been involved in music, either as artists, songwriters, or behind the desk, and Wonder Wonder is a culmination of all our experience and knowledge from the last few years. We wanted to create a new outlet that was sure of itself from the get go—that said, we’re sure our development over the coming year is integral to keeping this project fresh.

So many new artists are choosing not to reveal their identities at first. Why do you think that is? Why did you choose to go this route?
We think that many artists today cannot be wholly focused on making good art; half the battle involves creating a brand, image, and sometimes an unreal perception of who they are. This approach can of course enhance a project, but for us, music is the most important aspect. We admire good songwriting and good production. We didn’t want people to have any preconceptions about Wonder Wonder. Essentially, we want to focus on the art, not the artist.

Will you being doing live shows any time soon? Maybe in masks?
Haha exactly! We’ll be the two on stage in those rubber Prince Charles masks… or maybe motorcycle helmets? But no, there are no live shows in place at the moment, however the thought of doing an album show in a year’s time is very exciting for us.

Are you surprised with all the attention?
We had a good feeling about the music before we released it, and were really excited to share it with others. But we genuinely did not anticipate the reaction it has had—we are very humbled and grateful. We’ve had a lot of interest from people and industry around the world; most excitingly one of our favorite producers got in touch to say he was into what we were doing. For us, that was an affirming email to receive.

Your first two songs have a lot in common in terms of the the sounds and the mood. Is this going to be consistent through all your music, or will there be any big surprises?
We wanted to establish a sound for the first two tracks, but we have some surprises up our sleeve and definitely want to keep the music on its toes.

You’re releasing “one song a month for the next year.” What is the thinking behind this? Do you already have the 12 songs finished, or are you still recording new songs throughout this process?
The feeling of releasing new music is one of the most natural highs a musician can ever experience. Normally we are constrained by schedules, campaigns and intense planning. Wonder Wonder gives us an injection of freedom every month. We go to our favorite coffee shop on the first of each month and press upload, and the whole process is so liberating. We are writing and recording each new song every month, so currently we have no idea what the album will sound like. And that’s really exhilarating.

Will there be any videos?
If the opportunity came up to collaborate with an awesome filmmaker, that’s certainly something we’ll explore…

What’s the end goal? Are you looking to get signed? Will these songs end up being on an album?
The aim is to release a 13 track album on September 1, 2015. The end goal is to have a record that we’re proud of, that hopefully has really connected with a few people out there. That would be amazing.

Can you tell us one thing about yourselves that we don’t know?
We’ve been playing and writing music together for the past three years but only recently had the thought to write and release as a duo. And we’re so glad we did—we are having so much fun.

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