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Brooklyn’s Nick Hakim has made his Where Will We Go Pt. 2 EP available to stream on Soundcloud. Out today on Hakim’s own Earseed Records, Pt. 2 follows the similarly dreamy and delicious Pt. 1, released this past July. With this new collection of songs, Hakim dives back into his sleepy, shimmering pool of soul sounds and patient, hypnotic songwriting with resounding success.

“Heaven” and “Sleep” are the two new tracks this time around. They are a stripped down moonlight and a warm, crackling bonfire, respectively, bound together by Hakim’s ability to create an atmosphere all his own. He has asked listeners to “listen to it while the sun is rising…Most of it was written during those hours of no sleep till the sun came up.” Stream below, or you can buy the EP on iTunes.

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