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As much as everyone looks forward to the holidays and layering clothing, winter sucks. Days are shorter, things are always somehow wet, and god forbid you slip on a patch of ice again this year. So what do you do? You hold onto summer for as long as you can until winter aggressively pries your desperate little fingers away, and you do that by listening to songs like RAC’s remix of Grizfolk’s “Hymnals.”

The original—a fast-paced affair equipped with hand claps and a catchy hook—is transformed into something a little more whimsical and uplifting. The rework slows down “Hymnals” slightly and softens up the percussion to create a dreamlike backdrop for the hazy vocals. RAC seem to prefer subtle changes in their work, but these subtle changes combined make for a warm, memorable result.

Listen to our premiere of RAC’s remix of Grizfolk’s “Hymnals” below.

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