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For the past few days, one of the biggest news stories in the world of entertainment was about Kanye West demanding that a person in a wheelchair stand up at his concert in Australia. According to the report, he threatened to stop performing because the wheelchair-bound was sitting. The headline read:


We saw video from the concert, so we know that things didn’t go down quite like TMZ made it seem. Still, the news spread all over major media outlets, and last night during another concert in Australia, Kanye took the chance to respond to the media feeding frenzy. Watch his speech above, and read a couple of excerpts below:

If I didn’t have this last concert maybe I would’ve tweeted something, or maybe I would’ve put out a statement with a publicist, but I can talk to directly to you, my fans… They want the masses, the people who have never even heard one of my albums, to somehow read a headline that reads negative and to think I’m a bad person or something.

Take a step back and look at this. I’m a married, Christian man with a family. At my concerts, I make sure everybody has as good a time as possible. So all of this demonizing me, all that, it ain’t gonna work after a while. So pick a new target. Pick a new target. ‘Cause I’m not one of these dumb ass artists that you’re used to.

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