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Kacy Hill may be new to music, but she’s starting with a stunning introduction. Kacy’s song “Experience” comes with a video that’s as visually appealing as you’d expect from a former model. Artful and clean, it matches the vibe of the song—it’s accessible, but there’s nothing basic about it. Her voice floats high above electronic production, and the melody is catchy but unlike what you’d expect from modern pop. Maybe that’s because Chopin is one of her biggest influences.

How old are you? Where are you from? What kind of things are you into?
I’m twenty years old from Phoenix, Arizona. I’m into things that feel good.

Before music you were a model. What made you want to get into music, or has that always been something you’ve done?
I never considered getting into music, despite playing classical music growing up. Stephen Garnett, who directed the video for “Experience,” reached out to me on Instagram and we ended up shooting some photos together. I was singing to myself and he told me he wanted to start some sort of music project and asked me if I’d be on board. I’d never written a song, but Jaylien and I sat down together and I started pumping stuff out that got me really excited and fell in love with the process.

Coming from a modeling background, how important is the visual aspect of your presentation? Your first video for “Experience” is beautifully done.
Visuals are so important in the consumption of music today because we live in a time where everything is so readily accessible and I think there always needs to be something more than a sonically appealing song. People watch television and sit on the internet because there is something that sticks with a visual and audio connection. Music is more than just an audio experience—we dance to attach kinetic energy to sounds or get lost in visuals because it becomes personal and memorable.

What does “Experience” mean to you? Why did you decide to release it as your first song? Is it a good indication of what’s to come from you?
“Experience” was one of the first songs that I wrote, so it was only appropriate to release it first. Writing it was such a freeing experience; I can definitely say it was the first time I felt a real connection with what I was doing in my life. The whole process was so organic and I never want to lose that energy—I never want to feel that anything has been forced, so everything I’m doing now is kind of riding off making things that are sonically beautiful. I enjoy the juxtaposition of sounds that shouldn’t fit together with impactful, floaty vocals.

Who produced it?
Jaylien Wesley. He’s a beast.

What kind of music are you listening to right now? What influences you?
The best melodies are in classical music—my biggest influences there are Chopin and Debussy. Portishead and The Cranberries are huge influences, as well. Right now I love stuff like Jungle, Jai Paul, Glass Animals, and Wet. I love their ability to create a vibe without forgetting about the song—it’s easy to make really vibey stuff turn into a jam session.

I saw on Instagram you have a dog. Can you tell us about your dog?
Rascal is an almost thirteen-year-old, 29lb pug that my dad got off Craigslist when I was eight years old. He looks like Samuel L. Jackson and he’s my favorite creature on the entire planet.

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