“L O N E R” is the debut single of Los Angeles artist Marz Leon, who sings and also co-produces on this track with Mike Dez. She’s got an EP by the same name coming out this summer, and while she’s brand new to the scene, “L O N E R” exudes confidence of an artist who knows what she’s doing.

Marz started writing her own songs at age 14, and to do the job right, she also started learning how to produce. If you check out her Instagram or Tumblr, you’ll be immediately struck by her bold style and fierce sense of aesthetics. While looks and style may have little to do with music, they speak to Marz as an artist and an independent creative, and they’re an indication that she knows how to express herself in a powerful way.

This comes across in her first song, too. Dark and foreboding, “L O N E R” still somehow manages to be seductive. “My EP is all based on real life emotions and situations that I have been through over the years,” Marz says. “I want people to connect to the rawness of how life really is instead of what people fabricate it to be.”

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