A DIY attitude in music is more prevalent than ever before, and young groups of creative people are realizing that they can build a team that allows for sustainability without having to rely on outsiders. A Los Angeles crew called Innovator Co. has figured out how to do it, and it’s paying off. “DIOS” (Do It Ourselves) is their latest bass-heavy posse cut, and they’re gearing up for an EP to be released this summer. Find more at the group’s official website.

“We just gon’ DIOS and DIOS ’til fuck n****s hate us and rich people need us.”

Innovator Co. is:

shonHayes- @shonHayes
Lonnie Ro- @LonnieLibrary
Cloud- @PatsOnYaBack
K. Rudd- @OhKrudd
Ky D. Jor- @KyDJor
Kris Cross- @ArchNemesisKris