While some artists have used the internet to share their lives, connect with fans, and keep a steady stream of new music flowing, others have gone a different route. If the music is good enough, a lack of details can be the most effective promotion possible.

In hip-hop, the most successful at creating an air of mystery is Jay Electronica. He’s become an enigma of epic proportions and something of a legend, despite not releasing a proper full-length album. That elusive album has been finished since 2011, according to Jay Elec’s tweets, but the years keep passing.

In indie music, there is Jai Paul. He’s built his buzz off only two official releases—“BTSTU” and “Jasmine”—and he remains so elusive that some people doubt he even exists. While you might expect fans to lose interest over time, the reaction has been the opposite. While we patiently wait for more music, news of an album, or at least a second tweet, we decided to take a look at what other people are saying about Jai Paul. No surprise, Paul has inspired some ridiculous levels of fanning out.