HTDW - Zackery Michael - General 1

By Tom Krell (How To Dress Well)

Today, my new record “What is this Heart?” came out. I am so thrilled. The last 10 days have been amazing—I’ve been launching the record worldwide :+) We had a record release party in New York, which was really one of the greatest live experiences of my entire life. It was an early show, so afterwards we went to the Soho penthouse of a very dope friend of mine, a big HTDW supporter—he had the party catered and we had LITERALLY hundreds of bottles of Moet Chandon. It was a really special, like, properly balling kick-off to this celebration of my new LP, of which I am so proud.

Image via Stereogum/wagz2it

Image via Stereogum/wagz2it

The following morning, dazed, we flew to London and played at the Institute of Contemporary Art. In a jetlag/hangover haze we took the stage at the ICA—the crowd was so amazing, I was completely revitalized. The following morning we got in the bus early and headed to Brussels, where we played an amazing show on the roof of Beursschouwburg. The next morning we drove to Paris and had the day off—went to the Pigalle store, walked around, and just got some r&r. The Paris show was really intimate and low key compared to the NYC, London, and Brussels shows, but man people there were so sweet to me—it was a really beautiful show. Then we went over to Amsterdam and had a lovely night and played another lovely show.

I just played this and “Twitter Song” by Young Thug and had too many beers and forgot to DJ anymore hahaha

The following morning I headed back down to London where I DJed a party—Rodaidh McDonald (XL Recordings studio manager and producer) did a b2b set (which, to be fair, was not a very focused or serious set :) I just played this and “Twitter Song” by Young Thug and had too many beers and forgot to DJ anymore hahaha. That nite my boy Palmistry did an amazing set too—it was a thoroughly turned up night. Spent several days in London just taking meetings and working (I spent some time in the country at, weirdly, Genesis’ studio :)).

Now, since this AM, I’m in Berlin preparing a performance with a dance ensemble led by Brendan Fernandes—he’s an AMAZING artist and dancer and choreographer. Brendan and 4 other dancers will develop a piece around a bunch of songs from “What is this Heart?” that I’ve re-arranged with Minna Choi, who does my stings and brass arrangements, for 5-piece orchestral ensemble. It’s gonna be a really beautiful capstone to this little “WITH?” launch tour— oh, ya, we’ve got 15,000 (!) flowers as props for the performance :)