M&O, previously known as Milo & Otis, are doing alternative R&B a little differently. When you hear that term—alternative R&B—you’re probably thinking meandering melodies and futuristic electronic production. But this Chicago duo provides a different kind of alternative. They opt for live instrumentation and a warm, organic sound, and they’re carving out a lane for themselves that has a lot of people (like Chance the Rapper) taking notice.

About the “RUN!” video, Jamila Woods (Milo) says:

‘RUN!’ is an interesting one because it has so many moods within it—turn it up loud in the whip, and you’re rocking out; bring the volume down on headphones and you’re chillin’, calm and soothed. It’s one of those songs that works in broad daylight and deep into the night. In the video we wanted to continue the contradiction, so we found a place that felt massive while still being trapped, contained, and somewhat claustrophobic (courtesy of the pressing shadows). I guess at the end of the day, that’s what being in a relationship can feel like too.

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