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Bleachers is the new project of Jack Antonoff, lead guitarist of fun. “Shadow” is the second song from the upcoming album and it’s just as accessible as anything from fun., but there’s a retro vibe, an emphasis on the guitar work, and a hint of tropical heat. The project doesn’t yet have a release date, but a summer drop would make sense. Check out “Shadow” below, and if you’re tired of the internet and would prefer to spend some time on the phone, call the Bleachers hotline at (888) 920-1991.

“‘Shadow’ was one of the first songs I wrote for Bleachers,” says Jack. “It started as that loop beat, one electric and the arp juno in the chorus. Over the past year I would add something like once a month—vocal samples, bomb sounds, acoustic guitars, etc. it became the blueprint for how the whole album was made. The song is about a New Yorker article I read about how everyone has a shadow, or a lesser version of themselves that only they can see. For example: I’m probably not the worst, but my shadow is a piece of garbage who is always the loudest person in the room and everyone can’t stand.”

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