In a recent New Yorker article titled “Hip Hop’s Alpha Conservative,” Lord Jamar of ’90s rap group Brand Nubian voiced his concern about the state of hip-hop. Namely, that hip hop is turning into something else altogether because rappers are pushing boundaries too far, and that the genre will soon be “hijacked” if things don’t change.

One of these rappers, according to Lord Jamar, is Le1f, who is an openly gay rapper. Lord Jamar criticized Le1f’s David Letterman performance via Twitter, and because Le1f is not one to sit idly by, he responded to Lord Jamar’s comments.

This is not the first time that the Brand Nubian member has raised eyebrows. Last winter, he had posted an Instagram photo of a male model in a skirt, tagged #halfafag, in response to Kanye West’s outfit choices. The photo has since been removed.