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If only all commutes were as unexpectedly enjoyable as this one. A few days ago, the late Run DMC DJ Jam Master Jay’s son TJ Mizell took his budding DJ career, previewed during Run DMC’s reunion set at the Made In America Festival, to the most unlikely of places. If you live in the NYC area or have ever visited, it’s likely you’ve taken the subway. Generally when a panhandler begins his or her “entertainment” routine, those nearby tend to cringe and turn up the music in their headphones. But it’s not every day the progeny of NYC hip-hop royalty hops on the train with you to DJ a brief set of Jay Z remixes.

Well, that’s exactly what happened when TJ Mizell and his cohorts lugged all of his equipment onto the J train at the Delancey-Essex St. Station during rush hour for a two-song set featuring Jay Z’s “Tom Ford (Benzi Remix)” and “Show Me What You Got (DJ Green Lantern Remix)” on the ride to Brooklyn. Of the performance Mizell says,

This video incorporates an end-to-end experience, where TJ Mizell is DJing impromptu on the J train in front of local New Yorkers. The video includes an ultimate hustle of trying to get electricity from a car battery all the way through to carrying the equipment into the subway during rush hour traffic. He crosses the Williamsburg bridge into Brooklyn (Marcy Ave) and finishes the routine, which is a dedication to Jay Z.

Dope concept and execution aside, probably the best part of this video is watching the crowd’s reaction. While some whip out their phones and start recording, others are noticeably confused—oblivious to his Run DMC ties—and look a bit annoyed at the amount of space he’s taking up on the train. Eventually, though, most can’t help but vibe along to it.

Watch DJ Mitzell’s Jay Z dedication above.


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