Fresh off the Grammys, Kendrick Lamar took part in a Q&A on his Facebook page this afternoon. With thousands of questions pouring in after a few minutes, it actually temporarily broke the page. But when things got back up and running, we found out Kendrick’s in the early stages of his sophomore album, has plans for a Black Hippy album, and is sitting on a bunch of leftover good kidd, m.A.A.d city beats. We also learned he’d like to party with Prince and would consider doing a rap/rock album after his Grammy performance with Imagine Dragons.

Find out what else we learned below.

When is the “Sing About Me” part 2 video dropping?
Kendrick: No time soon. I’m always on to the next bro.

What are your top three favorite beats?
Kendrick: These three instrumentals that didnt make good kid.

Whose project from TDE are you more excited about?
Kendrick: Oxymoron

What is the song in your Dr. Dre commercial called that you were recording?
Kendrick: It’s alivvvvveeeeeee lol.

What was your favorite song to record?
Kendrick: “m.A.A.d city.”

What was it like working with Imagine Dragons? Would you ever consider doing a rap/rock album?
Kendrick: Great artist to work with! That would be a dope challenge.

How do you come up with your rhyme schemes?
Kendrick: I turn off the radio.

When are you dropping your next album?
Kendrick: One day.

Who are you thinking for the collaborations on the new album?
Kendrick: Haven’t thought it, but in this moment…..nobody.

Will there ever be Black Hippy album?
Kendrick: Soon enuff.

Are you planning on creating your own label in the future?
Kendrick: God willing. When I’m ready. Shout out to Cole. Huge step.

What’s your favorite verse of all time?
Kendrick: Too many to think of. First one that comes to mind is DMX “I’m Slippin'”…first verse.

What is your favorite song of all time?
Kendrick: Theme song to DuckTales.

Who was your favorite rapper growing up?
Kendrick: Snoop, Pac, DJ Quik, mid ’90s.

When did you first realize that shit was about to blow up for you?
Kendrick: When Snoop took me under his wing on stage. A moment.

Do you have a pet llama named “ya bish?”
Kendrick: Naw, a blue nose pit tho.

How do you master the skill of making a legendary bowl of Fruity Pebbles?
Kendrick: It’s all about balance. How long you let it settle in milk. Not crunchy not too mushy…the same with life.

If you could party with any celebrity who would it be and why?
Kendrick: I would party with Prince, he go bring all the woman.

I’ve seen a photo with you and Nas. Are you about to make a collab or maybe a full album? 
Kendrick: Lol I’ll quit rapping after that project.

Any advice for a starving artist?
Kendrick: You’ll never eat, if you never hunt….grind. Love the music first. Be believable in your words.


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