Aside from maybe Pharrell’s hat, the biggest story from this year’s Grammy Awards was Macklemore’s sweep in the rap category, picking up awards for Best Rap Album, Best Rap Song, Best Rap Performance as well as Best New Artist. This elicited a strong reaction from fans and other artists alike who claimed Kendrick Lamar was robbed. Feeling the heat, Macklemore eventually texted Kendrick his thoughts on his wins and uploaded said text to Instagram.

We had some ideas of what Kendrick could’ve texted back, but after a recent performance in New York City, XXL spoke with Lamar and got his actual thoughts on the matter:

On Mackelmore’s wins:

It’s well deserved; he did what he did, man. He went out there and hustled and grinded. Everything happens for a reason; the universe comes back around, that’s how it go.

On hip-hop’s representation at the Grammys:

I definitely feel like they should always have more of the culture up in there, for sure, because we definitely stand out just like any other genre. We part of the world. We part of the movement. So I think any awards, including the Grammys, should always push for more hip-hop because it’s music as a whole, it’s not just splitting different regions. Everything moves as far as sound and vibrations, and that’s how it goes. And we are a part of that.

On a possible new album this year:

I wouldn’t even know. I got to get back into the studio and vibe out. But once I get in there, for sure, I’ll let y’all know.

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