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When Robin Thicke sought declaratory relief against Marvin Gaye‘s family over similarities between “Got to Give it Up” and Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” the family wasted no time in suing him right back. But Gaye’s sons and daughters went further, targeting EMI for their role in the proceedings. They claim EMI obligations to protect Gaye’s catalogue, an agreement broken the second Pharrell popped on that gold jumpsuit. The music giant settled out of court today for an undisclosed sum.

According to Billboard, this means that Sony won’t have to defend their impartiality in administering copyrights to both Thicke’s work and Gaye’s.

The case between the family and Thicke, however, is yet to be resolved. To prepare yourself for the impending showdown, you can read up on the story here. But please also make sure to review these important legal documents:






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