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I wasn’t sure how to post about this on Pigeons & Planes. I thought about passing it on and having someone else do it, but I guess this makes more sense.

I wrote a cover story for Complex. It’s on Childish Gambino. I don’t do a lot of interviews because I have social anxiety, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity—Donald Glover is too interesting of a person. Sitting with Donald talking about Kurt Cobain and fucked up Internet videos was an enlightening experience. I mean that.

In the past five years of my life, I’ve thought about the Internet a lot. It’s the reason I have a job, how I find most of the new stuff I love, where I spend most of my time, and it’s probably affected me (both positively and negatively) more than any one force in the universe over the past decade. It sounds a little pathetic to admit that, but it’s true.

That being said, I’ve never talked to someone who has so drastically changed my outlook on the Internet. We all know how the Internet has affected business and connected the world, but Donald Glover’s perspective puts things in the context of the human experience. The story is about Donald Glover and his new album, but it’s also about being young and navigating a very confusing modern world.


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