I’ve listened to “Younger” about 13 times since I first got the email containing the Soundcloud link. Just sitting here at work, playing it over and over again trying to figure out what exactly it is that’s struck me so forcefully about it. Maybe it’s Seinabo Sey’s powerhouse vocals, full and confident despite her mere 23 years of age. Maybe it’s the instrumental progression of the song, opening on melodic piano chords before transitioning into an infectious, up-beat mixture of percussion and synths. Or maybe it’s because the track was produced by Magnus Lidehäll, who’s clearly proven his understanding of catchy soul-pop music by his work on Mapei’s monstrous hit “Don’t Wait.” Whatever the reason is, there’s something about the Swedish singer’s debut single that just feels inspirational, making the act of constantly hitting replay all too easy. And if you have any doubts about that, just listen to “Younger” for yourself, below.

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