Broken Bells has always gone big for their videos, but they took things a step farther with the second video for their new album, a short film titled “Part Two: Holding On For Life.” The duo enlisted big-time Hollywood movie actors Anton Yelchin and Kate Mara to come on board this time around. Director Jacob Gentry told Entertainment Weekly how it came together:

“The last video we had done for [2010’s] ‘The Ghost Inside’ was more like a narrative short film done in a similar way, so we thought this could be a spiritual sequel,” he said. ” But we wanted this to be more fantastical, psychedelic — like Logan’s Run and Barbarella — but still live in the Broken Bells universe…We reached out to Anton first who dug the concept and agreed to do it. Then Kate came on board shortly thereafter.”

Danger Mouse and James Mercer are visible as spirit guides throughout the video, donning some very sharp Star Trek-ish unitards. It’s a great piece of weird, disjointed sci-fi filmmaking well worth the seven-minute watch.

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