Sub Pop Records shared the above letter on their Tumblr and explained:

 Back in the dark ages (the pre-Tumbr world), we used to receive A LOT of physical demos (CD/Cassette/LP/R2R/Cartridge/Glossy Band Photos), and this was our form rejection letter for virtually ALL of the submissions. Harsh sure, but honest and real. These days, we receive mostly SoundCloud and BandCamp submissions from the aspiring future Nirvanas, Shins, Mudhoney’s, and Bands of Horses of the world, and we just point them to this page, all of which feels much more impersonal than it used to, though much better on the natural environment in which we reside, I suppose. Anyway, as you were.

Their latest demo tape policy, updated in 2006:

If you would like us to hear your music, please, share it to our email account at demos@subpop.com. PLEASE DO NOT SEND AUDIO FILES TO THIS ADDRESS, simply send links to your audio hosted elsewhere on the cyberweb. In an effort to discourage physical waste and overflowing email inboxes, this will now be the only way in which Sub Pop will accept unsolicited demos.

Please don’t call or email to follow up; if we want to reach you, we will. It is extremely rare that a band gets signed on the strengths of a demo alone so our best advice to you is to keep playing out, build a fan base, tour, and get your name out there; these are the things that will bring label representatives to your shows and this is what will help you get a record deal. Good luck!

This is not the place to leave a comment with a link to your band’s Facebook page. Aside from having very little chance to attract our attention, the links can mess up the comments section on the front page of the website. Which just means that we have to delete them.

Please see the best advice above, it really is sage! Thanks.


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