In case you haven’t noticed (which you probably have), Donald Glover has been heavily ramping up his promotional game as of late ahead of the release of his next Childish Gambino album, Because the Internet, set to drop December 10. He’s already shared a couple of new songs, sat down for multiple interviews, dropped one of the best “Pound Cake” freestyles around on “Sway in the Morning,” and even made time to collaborate on the enchanting record “Bed Peace” with rumored love interest/good friend Jhene Aiko.

With so much creative energy flowing through his body, it would seem as if Glover just can’t help but continue to turn out fresh music. His latest contribution came late last night via a very basic tweet directed at Aiko, where he simply shared a SendSpace link to a new track titled “Melrose.” According to FakeShore Drive, the track was produced by Chicago artist Stefan Ponce, and it sounds as if Glover is supplying the rather beautifully repetitive vocal of “someone gave you all my love” on it.

Complex posed the question, “what’s the story behind ‘Melrose,’ the instrumental Childish Gambino tweeted at Jhene Aiko?” and frankly we don’t know. But what we do know is that Donald Glover is on a roll, and he appears to be more in command of his music career than ever before. Catch the new track below, you can also download it for free here.


Here’s Childish Gambino’s Because The Internet album cover: