Tezeo is not your typical electronic music duo. Michael Beharie and Jeff Cristiani both studied experimental music composition and free improvisation at Oberlin, and that sense of exploration is more than apparent on the two-piece’s debut LP, No One, which Baharie and Cristiani self-released today.

From the skittering guitar work in album opener, “Charisma,” to the seductive, R&B-influenced beats in the recently released single, “Secret,” it’s clear that these musicians know what they’re doing. This may not be the type of music you’d hear at a club or on the playlist at your next dance party, but that’s what makes Tezeo interesting. Instead of channeling the booming trends of EDM, Baharie and Cristiani site top 40s, Andean folk music, Footwork and West African dance music as their influence. And as bizarre as it sounds, they make it work. Well.

Stream No One below.

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