After getting spoofed by Jimmy Kimmel and engaging in a Twitter feud, Kanye West agreed to show up on Kimmel’s show tonight, and nobody knew what to expect. Would Kanye flip out? Would the whole thing be revealed as a joke? For those thinking it was a joke, you were way off. Kanye made it clear that he doesn’t do publicity stunts… ever. And he never will.

Instead of any of these things happening, the interview was like part 2 of the discussion with Zane Lowe. Kanye took the opportunity to speak his mind, lay out his goals and inspirations, and to really make it clear that he, as he stated in his BBC Radio 1 interview, is a “slave to his passion.” What could have been a highly entertaining and probably incredibly awkward confrontation ended up being an insightful, inspiring discussion about race, class, fashion, and more between Kanye and Kimmel. Watch the interview above.

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